Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo?

What is the difference between a Ristretto, an Espresso and a Lungo?

All three of these are each types of “espresso” coffee beverages. Each are shorter and more intense coffee servings than a typical cup of coffee made from a cafetiere or drip machine. They are all made when hot water is pumped through coffee with a high pressure pump within a machine which extracts the full flavour of the fresh, finely ground coffee.

A Ristretto is a concentrated and intense shot of coffee. It is typically served with 25-30ml of water to create a short and concentrated coffee.

An Espresso is a shot of coffee using 40-50ml of water and is the most consumed espresso coffee serving. A double espresso, another commonly ordered coffee would see you use two of our capsules both being set at the 40-50ml of water level.

A Lungo is a larger shot of coffee and customarily uses 100-120ml of water.

Note – most machines for home use have a simple start and stop button on them, allowing you to use as much water flow as you like to create the perfect espresso to match your preferences. Should your machine have pre-set water levels (some machines have all three settings and some have only Espresso and Lungo settings) then you can usually program the water flow following instructions for each respective machine.

Are there additives used to create the aroma and taste of the coffee capsules?

No. The taste of the Kinta Loma coffees comes from a blend of freshly ground pure coffee.  All our coffee is of the finest grade and comes from the finest coffee producing country in the world - Colombia.

Are the plastic capsules safe to use considering hot water is involved?

Each of our capsules is made from FDA approved food safe materials and can withstand high temperatures and therefore does not affect the taste or flavour of the coffee.