The Perfect Cup

The components for the perfect cup of Kinta Loma coffee is comprised of 4 key elements: Quantity, Grind, Water and Freshness. Understand and follow the guidelines for each, and you are on your way to brewing a great cup of coffee every time: QUANTITY, GRIND, WATER, FRESHNESS.


The start of a perfect cup of Kinta Loma coffee is based on the right ratio of coffee to water. This is the most important step in making great coffee. For the best tasting and most flavourful cup of coffee, Kinta Loma recommends using two tablespoons of ground coffee (10 grams) for each 180ml of water. If the taste is too strong, you can add a little hot water to your cup of brewed coffee to soften the taste or add a little more coffee to intensify the flavour.


The Kinta Loma ground coffee that you have purchased has been ground to an optimum level for use in any standard cafetiere and drip machine or device. Different brewing methods have different grind requirements, so the grind of your coffee should always be matched to the brewing method being used. For a cafetiere/coffee press, we recommend that the coffee and water be in direct contact for about four minutes.


It is important to always use fresh, cold water as you start the brewing process. Heat the water to just before the boiling point. Remember, a cup of coffee is 98 percent water, therefore, the water you use to make coffee must be clean, fresh and free of impurities. Water heated to just prior to the boiling point (190° to 195° For 90° to 95° C) is ideal for extracting the coffee’s complete range and taste profile. If the water is not heated to this level then the water cannot extract the flavours appropriately.


Freshness is naturally an important element in the perfect cup of coffee. The enemies of coffee are oxygen, heat, moisture and light. To keep your Kinta Loma coffee as fresh as possible, we recommend that you store it in an airtight container at room temperature (ideally an opaque container). We do not recommend storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.