The right price for our farmers

The sustainability of our famers has always been important for Kinta Loma, in particular as we are ourselves Colombian and we are highly aware of the hard work put by Colombian farmers into their coffee. That is why our parent company is a member of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, which has a Purchase Guarantee Policy ensuring that growers can sell their beans each day at/or higher than international market prices. In addition, by working with farms registered with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, sustainability is being tackled through four main axes which ensure the wellbeing of farmer communities and the environment.


Programs implemented in multiple coffee regions, aimed at the consolidation of social wellbeing and community infrastructure. The Coffee Growers Federation has been involved in developing 12,000 aqueducts, 19,000 new classrooms, 15,000km of road improvement and 500 hospitals.


Cenicafé, the Federation’s scientific centre has developed different research programs to favour environmental and biodiversity conservation in the coffee growing areas, as well as in programs focused on the adaptation to and mitigation of the effects of climate change. The centre also develops knowledge and technologies to monitor soils and erosion, for saving water, and the efficient use of natural fertilisers.

Coffee Farms

Programs put in place that seek to improve the profitability of the producers and guarantee that their crop is sustainable. Efforts have been focused on the implementation of the Sustainability Code, The Good Agricultural Practices Quality System, access to credit for the renewal and maintenance of coffee plantations, and allowing small-scale producers access to attractive markets such as the specialty coffees with value added for the producer.


Through technology & connectivity, the Federation seeks to provide the producers with all the advantages of the modern world to receive more and better services, in turn, improving their quality of life. This has also contributed to the producers’ rapid access to valuable information related to the crops and other coffee activities.

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